sassafrass! tour

This story, oddly enough, starts off in the toilets of the Tuning Fork a couple months ago. 


I had just got off stage from opening for Emily Fairlight and made a stop to the toilets when I ran into the iconic Tami Neilson. I recognised her instantly and needed to introduce myself. To my surprise, she already knew me and had actually come to the gig to meet me. She didn't say too much but asked if the band would be keen to work with her on something. I, of course, said yes and waited patiently to hear from her team.


The next day I got the email asking if we'd like to open for Tami on her New Zealand tour in August. Obviously, I said YES!


I already knew Tami was an incredible artist, but after spending two weeks touring with her I was gob-smacked. Not only is she remarkably talented with her phenomenal songwriting and vocals that embody the magic of legends like Mavis Staples, Patsy Cline and her hero Judy Garland, she is also the epitome of absolute kindness, strength and resilience. In an industry where it’s so easy to fall under the giant thumb of constant opinions, industry mules and negging, she takes none of that crap for mercy and by god she does it so gracefully! For a young striving artist like myself, she has been such incredible inspiration to keep going, stand strong and to take no shit lightly. I have stood, danced, swayed and cried side of stage every show for 2 weeks straight, loving every moment.


I will be eternally grateful for Tami taking a chance on our band and will forever treasure working with the sassy, smart and hilarious Queen that she completely is! To her legendary band, you couldn’t find a nicer group of gentlemen, it’s been such a treat watching their skilled craftsmanship.


To anybody who has been along to the shows, you can confirm all of the above, for anybody who gets the opportunity to witness Tami and her bands magic in action, you best get yourself a seat and join the congregation. You’ll mark it as one of the best nights in your life, that’s a promise.


tami milly