taite music award

I'm still in shock.


When we were announced as this year's winners for The Auckland Live Best Independent Debut award I turned to my mom and said "oh shit". Mainly because I couldn't believe it, but also because I hadn't prepared a speech.


The next couple minutes were a blur. I walked onto the stage with the guys next to me (thank god) and the award was placed in my hands. I still don't remember what I said so I feel like I should write out my thank yous here.


Thank you to Lisa at The Label, Ben Edwards at The Sitting Room, to everyone who's ever come out to our gigs or bought/streamed our album and the incredibly talented guys I get to share all of this with - Liam, Guy, Chris and Tom 


And obviously, thank you to Auckland Live for choosing us to not only get the recognition but the $2000 cash prize and a live performance slot programmed at the Civic! 


Winning an award for our first album is an incredible feeling, it is already making us work even harder on our next one.


🌟 Moving this girl in ! 🌟