Disappear - bts

Ever have a crazy idea that everyone around you thinks will never happen? That was this music video. 


First of all, writing and recording Disappear with the band was such an amazing experience. This was the first track we produced and recorded ourselves (massive shout out to Tom). We transformed a small shed into a recording studio and worked for weeks non-stop to make it perfect. I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out, it's our proudest work to date. But as we were writing and recording this song I kept having mages of hands and swaying dancers pop into my head. I didn't realise these visions would lead to me tracking down a videographer to bring them to life in a music video!


I found Charlotte Evans online who creates stunning videos for artists like Aldous Harding and Stella Donnelly. I reached out to her before we even had funding to see if she would take on my project. When she agreed it added fuel to my fire and I set my eyes on my next target - the venue. 


My vision needed the perfect location. Something whimsical yet haunting I immediately knew it had to be shot at The Civic Theatre in downtown Auckland. Now remember, I didn't have any money to make this a reality. I couldn't even guess how much it would be to rent the entire Civic Theatre for a day! Of course, I didn't let that stop me. 


I reached out to the team at the Civic and after some back and forth they agreed to let me film! No one could believe I managed to make it happen. All I had to do was host a Q&A session with a school music workshop, which was super adorable by the way.


With a group of incredible women behind me, we created such a stunning video that beautifully captured my vision. 


Thank you so much to Liv Young for choreographing the beautiful dancers, Brooke Tyson for the whimsical dress, Charlotte Evans who used her camera and talent to make my vision come to life and Oliver Crawford for the behind the scene photos.