WOMAD 2018


What a weekend! I can't believe we just played our first ever festival. Being on stage in Brooklands Park in New Plymouth was an absolute dream come true. We played Friday night and Sunday night to the most beautiful and amazing crowds! The guys and I had so much fun on stage, we even debuted some new music we've been working on.


A massive highlight of the weekend was meeting so many of you guys. I saw some familiar faces in the crowd and it honestly meant the world to me. Some of you have been following the band for years and sharing such a big moment for the band with you was heart warming. We always take time to mingle after shows, but we can't thank you guys enough for the support.


I felt like a total babe on stage thanks to the gorgeous pieces by Brooke Tyson, she custom made each outfit specifically for WOMAD. Which was your favourite, the gold jumpsuit or the pink dress?

Check out the pictures - photo credit goes to instagram.com/reannanshay

- Milly Tabak